Monday, July 19, 2010

Connecting Maharashtra - 8

Continuing the Connecting Maharashtra series where I try to show how Lal Dabba takes you from one end of the state to another with just one change of bus.

Some such routes of which I have already uploaded pictures are:

Kankavali - Latur and Latur - Nagpur
Alibag - Aurangabad and Aurangabad - Sakoli
Mandangad - Shirdi and Shirdi - Mahur
Chandrapur - Latur
and Latur - Kolhapur

Here is one more such connection

Chandrapur - Shegaon and Shegaon - Kurla (Mumbai)

Chandrapur is at the eastern extreme while Mumbai is on the western extreme of Maharashtra.

I have borrowed the second picture from an unknown contributor of MSRTC Flickr album (without permission of course!!)

After an interesting exchange of comments, I learnt that the name of the "unknown contributor" is Chaitanya Railkar! Thank you Sir! :)

MSRTC really rocks !!


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  4. If I may point out, the acknowledgment is already there - less the name, of course, because the name was not mentioned at the Flickr album.

    Now that the photo is already there, I apologise and request the owner to graciously grant me the permission to use it.

    I also request him to remove the objectionable language in the comments above.

    Looking forward to more contributions from him on this blog.

  5. ok..please add my name instead of unknown word
    name-Chaitanya railkar

  6. Right Sir! Have credited the photo to you by name!

  7. Here's 1 more......
    Mumbai Central- Yavatmal & Yavatmal-Aheri
    Mumbai is the western tip of Maharashtra while Aheri in Gadchiroli dist is the Eastern tip of Maharashtra....