Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daredevil ST !!

ST negotiates narrow bridges, killer hairpin-bends and steep slopes on Devgad - Kunakeshwar road in Sindhudurg district.

I clicked these pictures of the deftly-moving ST bus (Buddhwadi - Devgad) just as my Maruti 800 gave up and spluttered to a halt on the agonising slope..!!

This is perhaps among the most difficult stretches ST deals with every day. The road is tricky and is simply not meant for huge, bulky ST buses. Yet, they continue to ferry passengers without complaint, day in- day out.

Can you see the lush, dense mango orchards that overhang on to the road from either side?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

ST's dinner break at ' Hotel Raigad Inn'

My late-evening Kolhapur - Pune ST bus takes a dinner break at 'Hotel Raigad Inn'..

ST at Toll Booth !

Semi-luxury ST Buses at Taswade Toll Plaza near Karad.

Buses at Pune Station Bus Stand

Miraj - Pune, Pune- Chiplun buses and a Kadamb (Goa) Corporation bus at Pune Station bus stand.

Instructions for drivers..!

Seen at Khandala-Pargaon bus depot in Satara district.

Atit Bus Stand

Miraj - Mumbai, Swargate- Kolhapur and Kolhapur- Swargate buses standing at Atit Stand (Satara District) on Pune - Bangalore highway.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ST's tea break...!

After climbing the difficult Phonda Ghat, Kankavali - Nipani bus takes a 15-minute tea break at Radhanagri bus stand in Kolhapur district.

Among regular ST travellers Radhanagri is known for the awesome Mirchi Bhajjis, served piping hot by the age-old vendor..!

ST by the lake !!

Solapur - Panaji - Vasco bus passes by the backwaters of Radhanagri Dam.