Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nagpur - Chandrapur - Rajura bus standing in Nagpur Bus Stand. It is late evening and rainy too. So photo is bad quality. The other photo is of Nagpur - Pusad bus. Same place. Note the bulb near the board so that people can read the destination.

Nagpur Bus Stand form outside and inside

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nagpur - Ramtek

A Plain-vanilla Nagpur - Ramtek bus seen on Jabalpur road, outside Nagpur city early in the day. (Nagpur - Ramtek buses are of many types - plain, non-stop, parivartan and semi-luxury also, though distance is just 55 Km)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nagpur-Gondia Asiad bus seen at Bhandara.

Rain-washed Sakoli bus stand (Dist Bhandara) near Maharashtra-Chattisgarh border.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

ST Buses captured by Kuldip 2

Swargate Bus stand

Small S.T. Bus

Daemon Mask tied at the bottom of the front part of the Asiad Bus, as a part of belief or superstition that it would keep away S.T. bus from mishaps or calamities.

Shekhar Sidhaye, One of this Blog Contributors sitting at Ateet, Satara ST Stand, Below the ST buses timetable.I guess this time table must be providing answers or inspiration to the urge of wanderer inside him "Where to Go Next?".

S.T. Belongs to all of us even poors'.

भटकभवानी : Look at the Destinations written on this GOA S.T. bus and refer Map of Maharashtra and Goa, and You will come to know how much she is going to wander around like Miraj, Kolhapur, Panji, Vasco, Gaganbawada, Kankawli, Sawantwadi.

Two Buses facing each other on Irwin Bridge, Saangli, Maharashtra.

आली नटरंगी नार....: Colorful ST at Guhagar 1

आली नटरंगी नार....: Colorful ST at Guhagar 2

Only 13 Passengers can stand,
Move the handle in upward direction to open the door.

S.T. in Mahabaleshwar Ghat.