Thursday, July 15, 2010

`आमची येश्टि-1 '

A MSRTC tanker

A Break-down van.

A bell hanging in a temple inside a bus Depot

 Take a closer look at the clapper. It is made of a nut and bolt weld together :) 

A Designer MSRTC bus. You will find customly designed buses of this kind in almost every depots across Maharashtra. The artisan often goes unnoticed.

Every MSRTC bus bears a acronym and a name on the rear side as well as on the passenger-door side. The single bold letter denotes  the division and the name below denotes the depot where it belongs. In this case bold '' stands for division Ratnagiri and below depot too is Ratnagiri


  1. Workshop van is not unique - every state RTC would have workshop vans - and usually its old buses that are converted to workshop vans. And coming to the markings on the bus, the single bold letter does not signify the district, but the division.

    Buses from Vasai depot would have the markings "Paa" in bold and the depot name "Vasai" written below. Vasai is in Thane District - but under Palghar division of MSRTC. Similarly, in the early 2000s, Panvel used to have the marking "Mum." and "Panvel" - those days, Panvel was under Mumbai division. (Panvel is now under Raigad Division).

  2. You ae right Binai!
    the single bold letter signifies the division.
    It needs to be change.

  3. For Ratnagiri Division 'Ra', a unique number was also used to write, it was for the indication of the reg no og ththat bus in the division!

  4. Yes Vishal.. I remember buses with 'Ra-512' Guhagar and so on..! It was good and kind of similar to many SRTCs and Intercity services like Mumbai.. BEST has numbers as 1294/Devnar and so on..

  5. want to see all old vintage buses with firing

  6. want to see all old vintage buses with firing