Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inter - State Routes to Gujarat - 2

Writing in after a long time.

Previously I had done a post in which I listed out, with photos, a few MSRTC routes to Gujarat. You can read that piece here.

Here are a few more updates to it.

Surat - Usmanabad

Taloda - Vapi

Surat - Chalisgaon

Surat - Buldana

Surat - Ambad (Destination board is not very clear, due to glare)

Shirdi - Selvassa (Selvassa is a UT and is not in Gujarat, but since it does not have a seperate ST, I am counting it under Gujarat)

Shindkheda - Surat

Surat - Ahmednagar

Jamner - Surat

Jalna - Surat (Destination board not very clear due to reflection)

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