Monday, June 21, 2010

Connecting Maharashtra - 7

Here is another installment in the Connecting Maharashtra series.

Mandangad - Shirdi and Shirdi - Mahur buses. Mandangad is in Ratnagiri district, very close to the Harnai coast while Mahur is at far end of Nanded district, near Andhra Pradesh border.

Just one change of bus and you reach from one end of our gigantic state to the other!

Saquib sawant and Ram Kinhikar, thanks for letting me borrow the pictures from flicker, although I never asked!


  1. Thanks for wonderful blog! As a kid I used to spend hours at ST stand looking at buses, their make (I am a Leyland fan :). Even today I like to travel in driver's cabin if the cabin seat or the battery 'dabba' is available.

    Keep it up.

  2. Ratnagiri -Ambejogai via kolhapur Sangli padharpur barshi kalamb ..journey of nearly 500 KMS ..