Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chaloba ST Canteen at Goregaon Dist:Raigad
Famous for Kothimbir wadi, Misal and non-veg lunch.

CNG bus at Panvel Bus Stand

A mini Starbus at Panvel Bus Stand.
These buses cut through remote small roads off Mumbai-Goa highway

Bus reflection on sidemirror of a car

ST Buses on Mumbai-Goa NH-17 highway

Bhayander- Dapoli ST bus — phototaken on Mandangad to Dapoli road

A Nagothane bound bus on Mumbai-Goa highway

A Panvel-Roha bus at Kharpada Toll naka

Rear view of various ST buses

MSRTC buses used for advertisements as they connect very remote places to cities.


  1. Nice pics. Please try to take photos in such a way that one can read the destination boards. After all, the "board" is ST's identity! Secondly, can someone cover the Nanded-Osmanabad and Dhule-Jalgaon sides? These are unrepresented here as yet..

  2. Mahashtra ST buses are one of the most decrepit and filthy buses amongst the state transport buses that i have seen in India. Some of them are so dirty that it seems that no one even ever bothered to clean them after they were bought. Blame it on the poor financial health of the ST or the bad roads but it definitely does not present a good picture of maharashtra.

  3. Dear Vikas, I feel you need to travel more. And what you must have experienced are things of the past. I am not saying buses are not filthy today but in last 5 years after Parivartan buses came, things are changing for good.
    Your observation is limited to the shorrter and interior routes where all old buses are used. People across our country are addicted to tobacco so much that even Delhi Metro has stains already. New locals of Mumbai have stains all over the doors, it is so bad that even Railways are not able to take permanent solution to the problem. ST is mainly used by rural people where civic sense is as good as a person driving Merc in big cities.
    Maharshtra has the best network in India that is why during 1982 Asiad only Mahashtra ST was awarded to build buses for the players.
    Don't compare our ST buses with other states' Interstate ST buses as those are always better in shape of all states. However once you will reach Interiors of Gujarat, Karnatak, Andhra, Madha Pradesh and up north take any state you will what you may not have seen in Maharashtra.

  4. I am fully agreed with Shekhar Sidhaye's views. Maharashtra S T is the best in India.Nice photos taken by Shekhar. It is amazing to find someone taking so much efforts to photograph MSRTC buses. Keep it up please.

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