Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ST Buses captured by Shekhar 1

Satara bus depot at night

Vendors at pandharpur Bus Depot

Food cart outside Satara Bus depot

Paan shop at Satara Bus depot had a welcoming message

Cool cucumbers

Business Standard read in Parivartan Bus at panvel depot

New 'Parivartan' Bus's door details

Thane' written on Staff Training Bus at Thane's Vandana Bus station

Notice for Driver: This picture was taken from Asiad bus parked at a food mall near Lonavala, it was pouring heavily and I could manage to click this.

Asiad Bus from Miraj Depot

Staff Training bus was at halt at Thane's Vandana Bus Station.
Literal Translation: "Caution: Driver is learning"

Painted on Satara's bus depot.
Gentleman, please keep the bus station clean!

Message on a Training Bus at Thane Depot. : A training bus was at halt at Vandana Bus station in Thane. It had a different colourscheme than the usual 'Lal Dabba'. It was interesting to see this message on a Staff Training Bus where no one other than staff is going board any which!!!

Written at the backside of Laal Dabba

No spitting written on the wall of Satara Bus Depot

Details of a message on public toilet: Government of Maharashtra had launched a personal hygiene and public health initiative. In this initiative each house owner was encouraged to build toilet to maintain public health and personal hygiene of the family members. In this message wife is asking her hubby to build a toilet instead of jewelery, TV or Refrigerator.

Common toilet at Aashta Bus depot: Aashta is a small village situated on Islampur - Sangali route in Southern Maharashtra. This toilet had an interesting message painted on its wall.


  1. These pics are amazing!


    Medford oregon, UA

  2. Good Pics Thanks.
    One Observation- "BS II- Notice for Driver"- this seems to be on Red Dabba Bus- Regular one & not on Asiad one (white n green) as you said.

  3. Nice Information about ST Buses