Thursday, October 30, 2008

ST Buses captured by Shekhar 4

Message for passengers: "Its always SAFE traveling by ST" at Miraj bus depot on 29 Oct 2008

Lal Dabba from Kolhapur to Ahmadpur via Latur at Miraj bus depot on 29 Oct 2008

At Swargate depot Pune, from NWKSRTC I took this picture of a kid traveling in Diwali vacation to Kolhapur

Diwali 2008 at Satara bus depot

A small three wheeler tempo parked outside Swargate depot in Pune

MSRTC chi Kannad baheen seen at Miraj depot in Diwali -2008

Unique combination of vehicles seen at Miraj Depot in Diwali 2008. Taangaas were still running from Laxmi Market to station and to different parts of Miraj town

Taangaa parked in Miraj depot in Diwali 2008

I actually don't what one calls these ladies, who carry Goddess idol on their heads and ask for money

Funny looking yet dangerous type of decoration done to a local bus in Miraj's local bus stand in Abdul Karim Khaan chowk. I was amazed to see how RTO could allow such highly decorated buses on the roads...but its was a good sign to see a BRIDAL collection. Notice 'Manchester' written on wind shield.

Diwali 2008 at Satara depot

Notice for customers in Satara ST canteen, "Do not Spit from Window"


  1. Hi

    I really enjoy this blogspot. i am huge fan of Govt buses especially KSRTC,MSRTC,APSRTC. I like the model of MSRTC buses and also like nick name "ST".

    From last month onwards everyweek i am keenly watching your blogspot to see any new photos of "ST". I enjoyed your ST videos too.


  2. I am aggregating MSRTC photographs in a group in Flickr

    If you use Flickr, do care to join the group.

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