Saturday, October 15, 2011

Via Vidarbh and Nagpur

Nanded - Nagpur

Digras - Nagpur

Nagpur - Chandrapur

Nagpur - Aurangabad

Vashim - Nagpur

Akola - Amravati - Varud

Buldhana - Chandur Railway

Shegaon - Yavatmal

Shegaon - Ramtek

Shegaon - Ramtek

Buses on contract at Shegaon

The board reads "Prasangic Karar"


  1. I came to your blog thru FV'article :) haven't read any article yet, just saw the photos of bus and read the name of the towns. Nostalgia gripped me and all the familiar childhood memory came on surface after so many years. Thanks.

  2. Check bus timings of KSRTC