Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Hell - Panvel

I had traveled via Panvel Bus Stand almost n number of times. The situation of the bus depot has never improved. Even after multiple efforts were taken to improve infrastructure of the depot, it still looks like a hell on earth.
Due to the flyover work is on, on the Mumbai - Pune road in Panvel area, the situation has become really worst. Due to continuous digging of road, dust never settles down even when the monsoon was n till November this year 2010.
While I was returning from Satara, our Satara-Thane- Borivali Asiad took "diesel halt" at Panvel. I could capture few pictures of the 'Oil House' and surroundings.

The 'Oil House' where all the registers are kept. Just next to this is an underground fuel tank. surroundings are so filthy here that a super fit person will have to visit doctor after a visit to Panvel depot.

East facing wall of 'Oil Depot' has ST symbol with a flipped arrow on the tyre.

'इंडियन ऑयल' signage on the wall of the 'Oil House'.

SERVO Engine oil barrels lying near Oil House in Panvel Depot.

Old empty barrels of SERVO lying just outside 'Oil House'.

Staff bicycles parked outside the 'Oil House' where one can see different notice boards for Drivers & ground staff.

Read carefully! If the ST staff follows what is written out there, hardly few buses will be seen on roads from Panvel depot.

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