Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snaps from trip to Dapoli.

These are the snaps from my recent visit to Dapoli.
I boarded the Thane-Dabhol Night Express from Thane(CBS) at 9:30PM.
It was a night journey so only managed to click few good ones.

View of the mandangadh fort from the mandangadh ST workshop.

Shri Gurudev Datt
A small temple outside the mandangad ST workshop.

Color of the Bus.
is it the reflection on the shirt?

Enjoying the evening by the window.

Backside of a Asiad bus Seat.
A Fire Station at Dapoli workshop.
ST Bus resting in trees shade.
Dogs resting in its shade
Ready for Duty!
A view of the ST workshop in dapoli.

Wishing All-A happy diwali.
I have always wondered who gets time to make these huge 'Akash-kandils'(lanterns).
An Indian Oil Refuelling station at the Dapoli Bus Depot.
Sun or Shade - the ST serves through all thicks and thins
ST bus entering a small town of Jalgaon, Dapoli.
One of my favorites snaps.

Colllege students Waiting at the windows for issuing concessional Passes.
ST offers monthly passes at concessional rates for Students at concessional rates.

Graffiti on one of the walls of Dapoli bus stand.

A nicely decorated general Stall at Pen ST bus stand

A Cucumber sellers stall at Pen.
Cool cucumber is hottest selling item at Pen.
Come Summer and the stall gets crowded by Water-Melons.

Pen Bus Stand by night.
A view of Panvel ST canteen at night.


  1. good snaps. pen bus stand is all glory in the night especially in the wee hrs. all buses coming from interior kokan converge there. its like a party. if u go there in broad day light, u will find it bland.

  2. dapoli st stand has been renovated the has been the large space for parking of the buses and the sitting area for the passengers is large .